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The expenditure on medical tourism by Chinese is 10 times higher than the expenditure on regular tourism of Chinese abroad, and most often they combine medical and regular tourism together.

As more and more Chinese arrive for treatment abroad, and even before the arrival itself, there are many medical substances sent to the doctors and back to the patient.

One of the problems faced by Chinese patients is understanding the language, since English is not common to most Chinese people, more as medical expressions.

Many Chinese are fearful of starting such a costly treatment because they do not know how to deal with the medical system abroad, while on the other side, the medical system in many countries, despite their great medical specialty, will find it difficult to provide Chinese language materials of their treatments to its patients.


Is there a more important translation than a medical translation?

Link To China performs professional and reliable translations by medical experts, thus breaking the above difficulties, and enables the various bodies to continue to provide professional services and Chinese customers to understand the medical processes.

Have you been injured in China? Hospitalized in a Chinese hospital? Chances are you have in-patient summary documents in Chinese, Chinese test results, and medication you received during your hospitalization in China.

Insurance companies will require you to provide the documents in a language they understand.


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