Chinese Translations Costs

Most translation companies use different methods to price document translation, which might get confusing, let’s make some order.

The costs of translation into Chinese and from Chinese is based on several factors.
Words quantity is the most important factor and will determine the duration of the Chinese translation.


Apart from the number of words, the following factors will determine the end cost of the Chinese translation...

Translation subject – Is it a medical or a professional technical material?
It raises the price of the translation due to the use of a professional interpreter with knowledge specific to the field.


Pagination and Design - Is there a need to layout and design the page after the Chinese translation is done? Certificates and presentations often require some design work according to the source, additional costs are up to 20%


Urgency - We are known for our high Chinese translation speed, but sometimes we are asked to stretch the limits of time, the cost for urgent translation is up to 20%.


The basic translation cost is calculated based on the number of words in the original language, in English to Chinese, the number of words in English is multiplied by the fixed rate below. In Chinese to English translation, the number of Chinese characters is multiplied by the fixed rate below.

Certificates to Chinese has fixed price

Below is a table of rates for Chinese translations:


Simply send us the requested file for Chinese translation, and we will send you a quote ASAP.



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