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Translating documents into Chinese

If you need to translate documents into Chinese or trade with China, you have come to the right place.

Our experience in Chinese translation will be felt in every step down the road. The service starts with a courteous and fast service, continues with the selection of the most suitable in-house translator according to the type of document required to be translated into Chinese, and meeting the time goals set for the translations.


The first step is to contact our representatives so that we can understand the translation requirements.

Our translators are without exception Chinese native speakers, professional translators in various fields with knowledge and experience relevant to the field in which the document will be translated into Chinese.


Quality of the Chinese translation

Each translated document undergoes a number of tests before going out to the client. Our translators are professional and diligent in their field so that you can be sure that the documents will be translated accurately and clearly.


When translating documents of a technical or legal nature into Chinese, it is imperative to find a translator with a matching background in order to translate the document into Chinese and be clear to the person reading it.


You can also provide us with a glossary which we will use when translating the document into Chinese.



Timing is a supreme value. We commit ourselves to meet the time target set for the completion of the translation in each document.

In fact 3 out of 4 times we will provide the translated document before the predetermined date.


Our reputation goes before us on this matter and we are pleased to continue to provide the best Chinese document translation service possible.


Notarized certificate for Chinese documents


We work closely with notary firms to certify a notary to Chinese and can provide notarized certificates to all our translated documents.


Types of documents we usually translate into Chinese:


• Birth Certificates, diplomas and other certificates into Chinese 

• Books translations

• Articles translations

• Translate presentations into Chinese

• Website translations

• Translation of contracts

• Translation of business documents

• Brochures translations

• Catalogs translations

• Digital translation

• Medical translation

• Various documents translation

Our translators are more than ready to help you be linked to China

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