Oral Chinese Interpreter 

A skilled and professional interpreter of the Chinese language is undoubtedly a decisive and influential factor in dealing with Chinese dealers, suppliers, and customers.


In addition, it is recommended that Chinese translation services carried by the interpreter will not end up with a dry and "robotic" translation only, but to let the professional translator provide you, the dealer, a true bridge over the cultural and language barriers while doing business in China.


Since communication is one of the most important aspects of conducting business negotiations, the quality of the Chinese translation that the interpreter performs directly and significantly affects the meeting with the various Chinese entities.


A professional translation by a skilled Chinese interpreter, which combines Chinese language knowledge (with its various dialects) and familiarity with Chinese culture and codes, will help to create a long-term relationship between the two sides.

Providing a clear and effective communication with the Chinese side during contract creation is priceless.


Link To China provides you with Chinese translation services by in-house Chinese professional translators. This simultaneous translation can be expressed in several ways;


  • Escorting delegations to China

  • Chinese Interpreter in exhibitions

  • Interpreter for conducting telephone and conference calls

  • Chatting on the Internet

  • Meeting translation

  • Email correspondence


We can also offer a Chinese interpreter who accompanies you not only in business dealings in China but can offer you many other services such as negotiating, dealing with private authorities and organizations (E.g. hotels, immigration authorities, etc.) and more in Chinese.


A Chinese oral translation is carried out by a skilled Chinese interpreter and is provided by Link To China in various fields such as business meetings, private meetings, educational and medical needs, legal texts and contracts, interpreter for government interviews, employee training, discussions and meetings. Courteous visits, a Chinese interpreter in police investigations, and more.

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