Meet The Team

CEO and Co-founder of Link To China, lived in China for almost a decade. Graduated the Chinese department at the University of Hong He, Yunnan China


Sudman Liran

Holds a master's degree in Chinese culture and literature from Sichuan University, China. Conducts training and translation for groups in China.

Co-founder - Chinese Translator

Chen Tao

Holds a BA in Literature and Chinese Language and an MA in English. Chinese interpreter in business meetings.

Chinese Translator

Zhai Yu

Holds a PhD in Neuro-Biology. Speaks Chinese, English and French. 
Expert in document translation.

Chinese Translator

Li Xia

Holds a master's degree in medicine and soon to hold her doctorate. Has translated books and articles to both Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese

Chinese Translator

Jin Song

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.
Performed countless oral and written translations in Mandarin Chinese.

Chinese Translator

Fan Min Xin

Holds a master's degree in international relations. soon to hold his doctorate. 
Speaks Chinese, French and English

Chinese Translator

Wang Jin

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